The Broadcaster

Artists Bélen Cerezo, Geoff Diego Litherland, Rebecca Lee, Eva Marín and Rosaria Montero are presenting a project called Appropriated Instructions with the Broadcaster project in Lincolnshire. The Broadcaster project consists of two permanent notice boards located outside converted Chapels in villages in rural Lincolnshire; Waddington and Wellingore. Each notice board is a venue for exhibitions curated by the Postmethodists. Read more about the Broadcaster Project on the Post Methodists’ website http://www.postmethodists.org

Appropriated Instructions

Appropriated Instructions runs from 23 March – 23 September 2013, with content that changes once a month.

This project involves five artists whose works include sound, photography, painting and performance. Initial individual ideas will be developed, challenged and distilled through conversation, collaborative workshops and visits together to the area. The project will  include activities like walks, or other events facilitated by the artists to generate further connections and engagement opportunities beyond the boards themselves.

In our daily lives we constantly encounter rules and codes, implicit or explicit, that dictate how we move, how we behave, how we relate. Most of these socially agreed codes, rules or constraints go unnoticed as they are taken for granted till there is something that breaks them. In Appropriated Instructions a group of artists explore the concept of instruction and examine its potential for giving us new understandings of our daily lives and routines. Can some very everyday instructions become a creative tactic to intervene or navigate in the everyday? Can a so connoted exhibiting space as a church board offer any room to present rules as a form of disruption?

Instructions will become the method and the subject of research, and enable the creation of the work to be a shared and experimental process. Therefore Appropriated Instructions is the starting point to produce and the production itself. It is a common ground and the space to differentiate our practices.


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