Belen Cerezo

In her current practice-as-research, Belen Cerezo works with found and collected images that belong to different institutions such as tourism, the archive or www. Attending to their materiality, she experiments with strategies such as montage, assemblage, and performing-narrating moving image investigating the malleable capacity of representation. Belen Cerezo published the photo-book Somewhere Better, Nowhere Better in 2009. She had a solo exhibition titled Plastic People at CAB, Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos in Burgos, Spain, in 2008 and she has taken part in several international collective exhibitions.

Belen Cerezo is a Spanish born artist, art educator and cultural producer. After living in various places, she is now living and working in Nottingham. Belen Cerezo studied a BA (Hons) Fine Art at the Universidad del Pais Vasco in Bilbao, Spain and a BA (Hons) Art and Visual Culture at the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK. Belen studied a MPhil in Photography and New Audiovisual Media at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain. She is currently engaged in a practice-as-research PhD study at Nottingham Trent University.

Geoff Diego Litherland

Geoff Diego Litherland is a Mexican born artist based in London and Nottingham. Having spent his early years in Bolivia and Ecuador he moved to England and graduated from Falmouth College of Arts in 2002 with a first class honours degree in Fine Art Painting.

He has exhibited widely, both nationally and internationally. Recognition to date has included winning the Saatchi Online Surreal Showdown in 2012, being awarded the prestigious Warden’s Purchase prize from Goldsmiths; being selected for the John Moores 25 Painting prize at the Walker Gallery in Liverpool and winning the Nottingham Castle Open in 2008. Geoff is currently an Associate Lecturer in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University and has just completed an MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths University of London.

Rebecca Lee

Rebecca Lee is a sound artist and researcher based at Primary Studios, Nottingham. She gained her BA and MA Music at the University of Nottingham and since graduating in 2004, her practice has developed in the form of site-specific compositions and performances, installations and sound-based publications as well as participatory work with audiences, community and school groups. The potential for sound and music to transform and elucidate the experience of place and our relationship with it is a central concern in her work.

She was artist in residence with Fermynwoods Contemporary Art in 2010 with and commissioned for their outdoor Cultural Olympiad project, Encounters in 2011 alongside Graham Miller and Jitish Kallat. Since 2011, she has been part of Nottingham based collective, Active Ingredient, undertaking an international residency at Barracao Maravilla studio and gallery, Rio de Janeiro as part of a University of Nottingham research project. She continues to work in participatory settings, and as a visiting lecturer at the University of Nottingham Music department.

Eva Marín

Eva Marín is a visual artist based at “Can Xalant Arts Center”, Mataró, Barcelona. She studied a BA (Hons) Fine Art at the University of Barcelona, she also studied at the University of West of England in Bristol interactive multimedia. She holds an MA in Production & Artistic Research and at the moment she is doing her Phd on “The controversial in between the institutionalized landscape and the invisible landscape” at the Advanced Studies in Artistic Production Program in the University of Barcelona. She has taught Web marketing strategies for two years at the IED, Istituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona.

Her artistic practice is based on photography and video. Currently, she examines the stereotypes that accompany landscape imagery and how these stereotypes have contributed to the construction process of national identities in Europe. This visual and critical approach on the national and sociopolitical landscape imagery aims to expose what mechanisms permeate certain institutional perspectives to landscape and what other landscapes are set aside.

She has recently presented her work at the International Conference “Art and Geography” in Lyon and her photography series “National Landscapes” has been recently exhibited in Senda Gallery in Barcelona.

Rosario Montero

Rosario Montero is a photo based artist with a BA in Visual Arts at the Catholic University of Chile and a MFA from the University of Chile (graduated in 2007). She had her first solo exhibition at the Centro Cultural de España Gallery in 2004. In 2006 she published her first photography book, ParallelViews.

In the year 2010 her work was part of the selection of contemporary Chilean photographers for 02/CNCA. Recently she has been part of C Photo edition, “NewLatinLook” Curated by Martin Parr. She has participated in several collective exhibitions in Chile, UK,  China, Mexico, Spain and Venezuela. In 2010 she won FONDART (Chilean art fund) to develop “CiudadIdeal. During 2009 she created PuroDelirio a photography studio specialized in art-work documentation and fashion. Today she is director and editor of Contrahilo, a visual portfolio of fashion creators. In 2012 she won a Chilean Scholarship to study a Msc Digital Anthropology at UCL, London.

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