Inhabit. Belen Cerezo. August 2013

top image: The Broadcaster Project._ Inhabit, Wellingore, September 2013

other images: The Broadcaster Project._ Inhabit, Waddington, September 2013

Inhabit is an ongoing photographic project that takes the shape of a newspaper. Inhabit uses the brick as a starting point to examine architectural constructions and their transformations in diverse everyday places around England.

The photographs occupy most of the newspaper pages and they are displayed in notice boards, outside two Methodists rural chapels. In one of the pages of the newspaper, photographs of Bevin Court in London are superimposed on a reddish photographic background that captures the small brick traces that cover a parking lot in Nottingham. In other pages, a crate is demolishing a council state in Nottingham. The background is also bricks, although in this case they are new fake bricks, that cover new buildings.

Inhabit started within the context of the group project “Appropriated Instructions” and the redbrick Methodist chapels functioned as the trigger to survey the places we inhabit.

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